Bucks and hens nights precede a wedding, which is fast becoming one of the most challenging financial burdens we’ll ever face in our lives!

While you are willing to splash out on lavish decor at your wedding venue, you don’t really fancy breaking the bank with your hens and bucks night accommodation.

And at Urban Central, you don’t have to!

At the end of the day, (or perhaps it’s the early hours of the next day!) you’re looking for a safe, clean, and comfortable place to rest your head after a rowdy and entertaining evening with your best friends.

Urban Central’s rooms are the perfect place to rest after a wild night out with the girls or guys celebrating upcoming nuptials. Book a couple of 4-bed dorms or share a family room that sleeps four and keep your friends together.

Located in vibrant Southbank, Urban Central is moments away from the Southbank precinct along the Yarra River (including Crown Entertainment Complex) and minutes from the hottest clubs, bars, and venues in the CBD.


Planning The Perfect Bucks or Hens Night

Know the limits

If you’re planning, ensure you know the bride- or groom-to-be’s limits and what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Some may want a whole lot of debauchery while others prefer a more laid-back and chilled night.

Finalise the guest list and payments

Refine the guest list and give the bride or groom the final say. You will also likely need to collect payment from confirmed guests for accommodation and specific activities.

Pick the date

Choose your date wisely – aim for around a month before the upcoming wedding. Many couples choose to have their hens and bucks celebrations on the same night.

Have fun!

The night is all about having fun with your best friends. Look out for each other, stay safe, and have a great time!