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Travelling with a group is vastly different from travelling on your own, or in a small, tight-knit friend or family group.

And if you’re in charge of organising it, you have a tough job ahead of you.

Whether it’s a school group, sporting group or any other type of group, group travel is a completely different experience.

Luckily for you, our hostel in Melbourne specialises in group accommodation – as such, we’ve got a couple of tips you might find useful!

Start by choosing a hostel in Melbourne that specialises in group accommodation

If you ask us, the first place you should start when booking any sort of travel – group or otherwise – is with the airfare and travel arrangements.

The second thing? Your accommodation!

When travelling with a group, it’s crucial that you choose accommodation in Melbourne that specialises in group accommodation.

What do we mean by that?

  • Offers affordable prices to accommodate large groups
  • Has rooms that lets your group members socialise
  • Allows all of you to stay in close proximity to one another

Take it from us: not all places can accommodate this. But our hostel in Melbourne can!

Why travel in a group?

More heads are better than one

Planning an itinerary can be difficult.

Luckily, it isn’t purely your job anymore – one of the benefits of group travel is how it allows you to share the job of planning between you.

  • Budget
  • Means of transportation
  • Travel time
  • Distance and location
  • Operating hours

You won’t have to contend with all of this stuff on your own anymore!

Have a safety net

Travelling alone isn’t for everyone – many may feel uncomfortable if it’s just them, preferring safety in numbers.

Group travelling offers just that. You’ll be able to rely on your fellow group travellers, reducing your chances of getting lost in a foreign place.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to pool your knowledge together as well!

Split costs

Let’s face it, travelling can be quite expensive – doubly so if you’re travelling solo, or with a small group. Just think of all the personal expenses that you need to shoulder from accommodation, plane ticket, food etc.

With a larger group however, you may find that the costs are much more balanced and reasonable!

hostel in melbourne

Group travel tips to help you make the most out of your stay at Melbourne

Check for a group options

As we mentioned above, many of Melbourne’s attractions have group options that allow you to reduce the cost of entry. You should be looking at this early on, while you’re still sorting out your itinerary.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until the day you arrive to start buying tickets. Do you research and plan in advance, where possible. 

Don’t be afraid to socialise

When travelling in a group, it’s easy to only interact with the people in your group.

If you want to make the most out of your trip however, you should make an effort to talk to other travellers.

Our hostel in Melbourne gives you plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers. If you ask us, you should use this opportunity to talk to them – who knows what they might share with you?

If the circumstances allow, you can even invite them along and make them temporary members of your group!

Schedule alternative activities

One of the issues that can arise if you’re travelling with a large group is that each member is unique. A lot of the time, they might not “click” with the official itinerary you’ve set out.

It wouldn’t be fair to force them to go on an outing that they’re simply not interested in – that’s why your planning should include alternative activities for situations just like these so you don’t leave them high and dry.

This can take the form of an alternate schedule, or even something as simple as a list of attractions to visit if they don’t want to tag along on a specific day.

Think of transport

Travelling in a group can be fun – it can also make logistics much, much harder than before.

Case in point: transportation.

While travelling on your own, you’ve got a lot of freedom with how you get from point A to point B. Less so when you’re travelling in a group.

Luckily for you, our hostel in Melbourne includes parking for tour buses, meaning that your group doesn’t have to rely completely on public transport or on getting around by foot!

Find affordable accommodation in Melbourne that’s group-friendly

We touched on this before, but honestly, it’s worth bringing up again!

When booking group accommodation, it’s important that you choose a place that can actually support a group of your size.

It’s also important to remember your budget when travelling – while some places offer group accommodation, the prices they charge can make it not worthwhile.

Fortunately, our hostel in Melbourne has you covered.

Not only do we have a range of rooms suitable for different groups (and budgets) – for larger groups, we’re also more than happy to negotiate a custom arrangement.

For example, we can set aside an entire floor for your group so you can all remain close to each other.

Looking for affordable accommodation in Melbourne?

If so, you can’t go past Urban Central!

Our hostel specialises in two things (that group travellers like you will no doubt be interested in):

  1. Offering affordable accommodation in Melbourne
  2. Providing group accommodation for groups in Melbourne

With a wide range of rooms and options, you’ll find something to suit your group (and your budget):

Of course, it doesn’t end there – there’s a whole range of other things that make our hostel in Melbourne stand out from the crowd.

Take, for example, our location. Situated in Southbank, we’re a short walk away from public transport and all of the city’s attractions, including sporting arenas, museums and anything your group might want to visit.

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll accommodate you!

Contact Urban Central on 1800 631 288 or book online today!