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Overpriced accommodation?

“It’s just not cricket!”

Melbourne has a well-deserved reputation as the country’s sports capital.

This February, the city once again proves why, playing host to half of the Group A matches… AND the final come early March!

Running from the 21st of February to the 8th of March, the Women’s T20 World Cup sees the world’s best female T20 cricketers (and their legions of supporters) come down to Australia to see their countries compete for one of T20’s highest honours.

Many of these guests are coming in from interstate, regional Victoria or even overseas. You may be one of them.

If that’s the case, you’re going to need a place to stay – preferably one that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Looking for affordable accommodation in Melbourne? Our Melbourne hostel has you covered!

Choose Urban Central for affordable accommodation in Melbourne

At Urban Central, our mission is simple: to offer an affordable alternative to other types of accommodation in Melbourne, without compromising on comfort.

Thanks to our variety of room types, that’s exactly what we’re able to offer!

We can accommodate everyone from individuals who are coming down to watch the cricket, to large sports groups dedicated to following their team across the country (or the world!).

And to maximise comfort, all of our rooms are capped at a maximum of four beds. This guarantees you a level of comfort you won’t find in other hostels in Melbourne!

The Women’s T20 World Cup

Held anually, the T20 Women’s World Cup is the ultimate in women’s Twenty20 cricket.

If you’re unfamiliar with the T20 format, think of it this way: It’s essentially Test cricket, with a few changes…

  • Condensed into a bite-sized 3-hour match
  • Only one innings of 20 overs (hence the name)
  • It’s impossible to tie – if scores are even, get set for a winner-takes-all over

All of this makes T20 a much faster and dynamic alternative to test cricket. There’s no denying that this new format has become extremely popular in its own right!

What’s happening in Melbourne?

As the reigning champs (and 4-time winners), the Aussies are no doubt looking to hold onto their crown and fight off any would-be challengers.

This February and March will see Melbourne play host to half of all the Group A matches.

During this time, Australia will slug it out with many of the world’s leading cricket nations for two coveted spots to the knockout stage:

  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh

And as we mentioned before, Melbourne is also hosting the big finish, with the grand final taking place on the hallowed grounds of Melbourne’s iconic MCG.

While we can’t see the future, with a whopping 5 finals appearances and 4 wins (out of 6 World Cups so far), there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be cheering Aussie Aussie Aussie at the end!

Whether you’re a fanatic adherent to the T20 format, or simply want to watch some world class women’s cricket, the coming weeks are the perfect opportunity to do so!

Getting to all the action

While the final may be taking place in the MCG, most of the group matches will be held just outside the city proper – specifically, the group matches will be played in Junction Oval.

Situated in leafy Albert Park (itself host to many high-profile events, including basketball and of course, the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix), Junction Oval offers attendees a more intimate, low-key experience.

You can find a spot on the lawns, roll out a picnic blanket and watch the cricket that way!

Luckily, just like Melbourne’s other sporting venues, getting to Junction Oval from our hostel in Melbourne is a piece of cake. Simply…

  1. Turn left from our front entrance
  2. Walk 200m north up Clarendon Street until you reach Whiteman Street
  3. Hop on the 96 tram heading south
  4. Ride for 10 minutes until you reach the corner of Canterbury Road and Fitzroy Street
  5. Walk the last 200m

And that’s all there is to it!

Sports group accommodation in Melbourne

Are you travelling with a small army of cricket fans? If so, hostel living is your only realistic option for group accommodation.

The typical hostel is often much more accommodating of larger groups – with four to a room, you can book a couple of rooms close to each other to ensure your squad sticks together!

Just speak to our friendly team to let us know how many people you’re travelling with, and we’ll do our best to book rooms in close proximity and on the same floor, whenever possible.

Looking for an affordable place to stay? Choose our Melbourne hostel!

Whether you’re in town for the 2020 Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup, the men’s tournament later in the year, or any other event, convention, festival, or convert, you’ll probably need a place to stay.

Ideally, one that won’t break the bank in the process!

Luckily for you, our hostel in Melbourne is the perfect option for affordable accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD.

Whether you’re a local, from interstate, or visiting from offshore, our Melbourne hostel welcomes guests with open arms, ensuring your comfort and safety for the duration of your stay.

We’re walking distance to some of the city’s best attractions, and are supported by an extensive public transport system.

For comfortable hostel accommodation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, call 1800 631 288 or book online now!