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Maybe it’s an upcoming event. Or perhaps it’s a long overdue holiday to Australia’s best city (sorry, Sydney!)

No matter the reason, you’re coming down to Melbourne. And you need a place to stay – ideally, one that doesn’t break the bank.

When it comes to affordable accommodation in Melbourne, why is a hostel your number 1 choice?

We outline some of the best reasons to choose our hostel in Melbourne for your next city escape!

Want cheap accommodation? Choose our Melbourne hostel!

Want to make your Melbourne travels more affordable? The best place to start is with your accommodation.

In particular, by booking in with a Melbourne hostel!

When you’re looking for a comfortable bed where you can rest and accommodate groups of friends together, a hostel is your best option.

However, there’s more to it than just that… let us explain!

Hostels are a booming industry

Backpackers and travellers of all ages are becoming more and more interested in fulfilling their travel goals with hostel accommodation.

And really, why wouldn’t they?

Hostels are more authentic, more affordable and offer a great avenue to meet new people!

According to some reports, the hostel market is likely to grow over coming years, becoming the next “big” thing for not only backpackers, but also sporting groups, school groups, and families all over the world.

This new breed of travellers are turnin to hostels for more affordable accommodation in their next travel destination.

And as hostels are becoming more popular, the standard of hostels is rising, too, to stay competitive as years go by.

Hostels the world over are upgrading their customer service and other offerings in order to give better service to guests.

This then gives plenty of opportunities for travelers to enjoy affordable AND comfortable accommodation

Hostels are perfect for group accommodation

So you’re travelling with an entire group, and you don’t want to break it up (or break the bank in the process!)

Unlike other types of budget accommodation in Melbourne, a hostel is perfect for group accommodation.

Instead of having to break your group up, you can keep everyone in the same building (and when possible, the same floor!)

You’ll also have common areas to socialise with each other and plan out your coming days.

Not just that, hostel rates are affordable, allowing you to accommodate large groups on a budget!

Some of the groups that a hostel in Melbourne can accommodate include:

If you’re coming down with a large group, give our team a call – we’ll create an arrangement for you that keeps your group as close to each other as possible.

A focus on comfort

The word “hostel” brings up a specific image – namely, a cheap, dingy hostel with no regard towards guest comfort, with guests crammed into a room.

This is a stereotype we aim to quash!

We strive to create a comfortable, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere: our hostel is unique in that we limit all rooms to a maximum of 4 beds

That means that no matter what kind of room you select, you’ll never have more than 3 roommates, maximising  your comfort and privacy.

Book more than just beds

You may think of hostels as simply a place to rest your head – however, there’s more to hostel life than just having a bedroom!

The good thing about hostels is you can take advantage of communal spaces such as the local bar and of course, kitchen facilities.

Eating out every meal can cost you a great deal but you can save on food by cooking in our hostel kitchen.

Equipment, utensils, and appliances are readily available when you want to whip up a cheap and healthy meal!

And while you’re cooking your food, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other travellers from different parts of the world too!

(Want some great tips for cooking in a hostel? Click here!)

Perfect location to Melbourne CBD

Most visitors who come to Melbourne plan ahead by thinking about how they’re going to get around.

Our hostel in Melbourne is perfectly located, allowing you to easily go wherever it is you want to go in Melbourne’s CBD – and beyond!

Located in Melbourne’s trendy Southbank district, our hostel is:

  • Close to public transport (trams and buses)
  • A stone’s throw away from Melbourne’s free tram zone
  • A short walk away from most of the city’s major attractions

Save money and time when travelling to and from the city – with Urban Central, you’re never far away from the sights and sounds of our awesome city!

Looking for affordable accommodation?

Choose our hostel in Melbourne!

Enjoy your stay in Melbourne without fretting about your budget!

Our city has you covered with plenty of free and affordable events, sights and eats.

And we at Urban Central have you covered on the accommodation front, too!

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Melbourne, hostel living is the way to go.

With a range of different rooms available, we can accommodate budget-conscious guests just like you.

Explore availability and book online now!

Got questions? Give our friendly team a call on 1800 631 288 (free call within Australia!)