As Melbourne’s premier convention centre, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is host to a diverse range of events ranging from massive world-class events down to the ultra-niche.

And our Melbourne hostel is perfectly placed to provide budget accommodation in Melbourne for these events

This October is no different, with MCEC hosting PAX Aus, Australia’s biggest gaming-centric convention.

With little over a week left until PAX Aus, you’d best move fast if you want to get in - tickets are in short supply.

Why not make a whole weekend of it? Gather your friends and book a Melbourne hostel for a couple of nights and enjoy all that PAX 2019 has to offer!

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What’s on at PAX Aus?

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  • Date: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th October
  • Time: 10am - 11pm (Friday & Saturday); 10am - 6pm (Sunday)
  • Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

It’s a pretty exciting time to be into games. Not only is the latest generation of consoles due to hit the market soon (along with the huge potential they carry), but there’s also a whole raft of BIG releases due in the coming months.

And PAX Aus is where all of it comes together!

Initially conceived as an online webcomic, Penny Arcade (the “PA” part of PAX) quickly grew into a big name in gaming spheres.

They quickly expanded beyond their comic roots, starting a charity, news blog, developing their very own game and as you can tell, a gaming convention, hosting its first Australian PAX in 2013.

Since then, it’s grown into the biggest event in any Australian gamer’s calendar. While other overseas conferences may be larger, PAX Aus is ours!


The expo hall

You can’t talk about PAX without talking about the main draw: the expo hall.

Featuring booths and exhibits from the biggest names in video games all the way down to tiny indie developers, the exhibit hall is your chance to get an early glimpse of upcoming titles and hardware.

Let’s start with the big end of town.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will all be there with huge pavillions demoing their exclusive titles. 

You might even get to trial a demo for highly anticipated exclusives like Death Stranding, Halo Infinite and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

It’s not just console owners that expo hall caters to, however - if you’re planning on upgrading your PC, this is also you


PAX Rising

Can’t shell out for a total PC upgrade? Holding out on a new console? Luckily, not everything at the expo hall needs a top-of-the-line machine to run!

Returning in 2019 is PAX Rising, a section dedicated to spotlighting the best that indie gaming has to offer. You’ll find a handpicked selection of demos, including some of the most experimental, inventive titles on the market.

Who knows, you might find something you otherwise never would have played here!


Presentations and panels

PAX isn’t just an opportunity to get your hands on the latest in games and hardware - it’s also a chance to connect with those in the industry, and broaden your horizons.

The PAX Aus event organisers will be making good use of all the auditoriums and theatres at MCEC, hosting a wide range of talks, Q&As and presentations covering a range of topics ranging from serious subjects to lighthearted fun.

A couple that caught our eye include…

  • The Great Debate: The Amount of D&D Nowadays is Too Damn High! - explore the history of everyone’s favourite tabletop, and its impact on pop culture and society
  • Overwatch Cosplay Battle ANZ Live Final & Showcase - see Blizzard’s iconic character designs brought to life by Australia’s most talented cosplayers
  • Masculinity in Games: The Good, The Bad, and the Ehhh - learn how some developers are using game design to challenge toxic masculinity
  • Which Game Villain Has The Best Personal Brand? - every good story needs a good villain, whether it’s a novel, movie or game
  • CD Projekt Red Presents Cyberpunk 2077 - get a rare first-hand glimpse of this highly-anticipated title (no news on whether star Keanu will be there, unfortunately)

Click here to check out the presentation and panel schedule in full.


Swag, merch and goodies

No convention is complete without bucketloads of swag and merch. Luckily, PAX Aus more than delivers, with a sizeable area dedicated to merch and other goodies.

In addition to Penny Arcade merch, other names like Rooster Teeth and Wizards of the Coast are locked in to return.

If you’re more into tabletop, this is the place to be, with plenty of places to pick up cards, die and miniatures. 

Not only that, but you’ll also get the opportunity to meet and play with people from all sorts of backgrounds.


Free play

Looking to kill time between panels? Don’t want to walk all the way to Southbank for a drink or bite to eat?

Why not kill some time in the free play area? You’re at a gaming convention, after all - what better way to pass time than by playing a game or two?

Taking up almost half of MCEC, the play area gives you an opportunity to try out titles you otherwise wouldn’t get to play, or to challenge your friends for bragging rights.

It isn’t just big budget titles, either - returning in 2019 will be the VR free play area, as well as an entire area dedicated to nostalgic oldies.


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