At Urban Central, we often see periods where demand for cheap accommodation in Melbourne skyrockets - one of which is the annual Melbourne International FIlm Festival (or MIFF, for short).

Alongside Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival, MIFF is one of the oldest film festivals there is. And as such, MIFF is one of Melbourne’s premiere cultural events. 

Running since since 1952, this non-for-profit film festival brings visitors of all sorts to our city:

  • Film buffs
  • Actors and directors
  • Producers and distributors

Many hail from regional Victoria, interstate and in many cases, internationally - it’s in the name, after all!

And many of these attendees will need a place to stay, which is where we come in!

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Our Melbourne hostel suggests these films to enjoy during MIFF

MIFF brings powerful films and stories from all over the world to our screens - whether there’s a film you’re keen to catch, or you simply want to broaden your horizons, there’s something for everything here.

Previous years have seen many critically acclaimed and crowd pleasing films play - this year is bound to be no different.

If you’reattending MIFF this year but you aren’t sure which films to see -  don’t fret. 

Our hostel in Melbourne is (temporary) home to many visitors and backpackers, many of whom have MIFF on their itineraries. We’ve overheard several 2019 MIFF films pop up time and time again as movies to watch.

Here are just a couple of them!

If you want to peruse the options yourself, you can check out the full program here


Meeting Gorbachev

  • Screening: Wednesday 7th August, 4pm - Forum Theatre

Meeting Gorbachev reveals an in depth interview with the man responsible for one of the most influential moments in history,

Most of us know Mikhail Gorbachev as the man responsible for lifting the Iron Curtain, and helping bring the Cold War to an end.

However, few of us are very familiar with the man himself!

Werner Herzog and Andre Singer sit down to reflect with the now 87-year-old Gorbachev, as they discuss Gorbachev’s lengthy political career, as well as his thoughts on the consequences of his actions.

The film has been described by The Hollywood Reporter as “one of Herzog's most fascinating films”.

You can view the incredible trailer here.


4 Feet: Blind Date

4 Feet: Blind Date is a short film about Juana, a girl in a wheelchair who is about to go on a date with a boy she met online.

There’s just one thing - she hasn’t told him that she’s in a wheelchair. 

In addition to all of the normal fears that come with a first date, there’s the added worry about what her date will think about her disability, and the fear that she will be rejected over something she can’t control.

The script is based on the real life experiences of the writer, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan. This isn’t the first time she’s told this story - she also talked about it in her TED talk, which you can catch here (it’s in Spanish so just turn on subtitles!)


Dirty God

  • Screening 1: Saturday 10th August -  1:30 pm - Sofitel Melbourne On Collins Auditorium
  • Screening 2: Saturday 17th August - 4pm - Kino 1, 45 Collins Street

Dirty God tells the story of a woman recovering from an acid attack at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

She finds herself estranged from society, as people aren’t shy about their thoughts on her “new appearance” - even her own baby cries at the sight of her. 

Directed by Dutch director Sacha Polak, Dirty God follows Jade as the readjusts to her new life, and how she fights back against her circumstances. This movie is the debut of actress Vicky Knight, who also suffers from body scarring herself, bringing a vivid realness to the film.


Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen

  • Screening 1: Monday 12th August - 9pm - Hoyts 6, Melbourne Central
  • Screening 2: Wednesday 14th August - 4pm - Kino 1, 45 Collins Street

Heperi Mita brings to life the story of his mother, Merata Miri in Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen.

During her late 30s Merata Mita decided she was fed up with the lack of indigenous representation on the screen. So, she decided to be the change she wanted to see, picking up a camera herself and becoming the first Maori woman to write and direct a feature film in New Zealand. 

In 2019, she is still the first Maori woman to have ever done so.

Learn more about this remarkable woman, and the various challenges she faced in her journey to becoming one of New Zealand’s trailblazers and its impact not just on her, but on her entire family.


The Dead Don’t Die

  • Screening 2: Tuesday 6th August - 9:15pm - Hoyts 10 & 11, Melbourne Central
  • Screening 3: Saturday 17th August - 9pm - Hoyts 10 & 11, Melbourne Central

Adam Driver. Bill Murray. Danny Glover. Selena Gomez. Steve Buscemi. Take all these big Hollywood names, and throw them into the middle of the zombie apocalypse as imagined by Jim Jarmusch and you have The Dead Don’t Die.

Taking a different tack towards the standard zombie flick, The Dead Don’t Die is part Shaun of the Dead, part Zombieland, and 100% witty, eccentric and offbeat.

Debuting at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, this star-studded horror-comedy hybrid is certainly interesting, to say the least!


More than just movies

MIFF is more than just an excuse to hit the town and catch a film - in addition to showing films, MIFF also hosts several special events.

These include an opportunity to learn more about the craft that goes into filmmaking.

Part of the program includes lectures on:

  • The fundamentals of storytelling
  • Technical fields like editing and cinematography
  • Specific directors and styles
  • Costuming and set design

And of course, like each year there’s an overnight marathon dedicated to specific personalities in cinema. Last year it was everybody’s favourite over-actor, Nicolas Cage.

This year, the honor goes to the one and only Jeff Goldblum!

Head to the Astor Theatre on Friday the 9th of August to book your seat at this 13-hour movie marathon!

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