Now comes the hard part: finding cheap accommodation in Melbourne that still offers great bang for your buck!

Basically, you have three broad options for accommodation in Melbourne:

  1. Hostels
  2. Hotels (such as Urban Central)
  3. Privately rented apartments and rooms

And today, we’ll be seeing how each of them stack up in terms of...




Let’s not beat around the bush: travelling can be expensive.

And one of the biggest money sinks in any holiday or trip? The accommodation.

Travelling on a tight budget? If so, we can immediately rule out most hotels. Take it from us, most hotels in the CBD accommodate higher-end clientele, putting them out of reach for most cash-strapped travelers.

And finding an affordable private listing listing is a shot in the dark - many CBD apartments and rooms go for a premium price, and it’s likely the more affordable ones have already been snapped up, especially if your trip has been planned at the last-minute.

If your goal is to find cheap accommodation in Melbourne, hostels can’t be beat for value.

Hostels are geared towards price-conscious travellers and visitors. At Urban Central for example, a single person can stay for as little as $30 per night!

Convenience and location

When choosing a place to stay, location is often just as important as price (if not more so).

Luckily, there are plenty of options in Melbourne’s CBD, all of which are:

  • Close to all the action
  • Near Melbourne’s free tram zone
  • Accessible by public transport

For example, Urban Central’s Melbourne hostel is located in Southbank, close to Crown entertainment district and some of the city’s trendiest bars, restaurants and clubs.

Additionally, we’re also a short walk from the CBD proper. Backpackers who are moving on are only 10 minutes away from Southern Cross Station, where rural and interstate train and bus services depart from.

While there are many hotels and private properties in Melbourne that also offer similar convenience, very few of them are able to offer it at such an attractive price!


If part of your travel goals is to socialise and meet new people, you can’t beat the friendly and fun vibe of a hostel!

By definition, hostel living is more communal.

Even if you opt for a private room, you’re still likely to bump into people from countries, cultures and walks of life in common areas such as kitchens and lounges, making them perfect for social butterflies.

One underrated benefit of this is that you’ll also have a great source for suggestions and recommendations.

Other hostel guests can share any hidden gems they might have found, and hostel staff - usually seasoned travellers themselves - can also help.

By contrast, within many private listings, you won’t even have to have to interact with the host other than to confirm your booking, with hotels tending to fall somewhere in the middle.

For some people, this is exactly what they want. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Just bear in mind however that you may be on your own when it comes to finding places to see and things to do.



Extra services

How important are extra services? It depends on what type of traveller you are.

Generally, hostels and private listings are tailored towards independent travellers. While we can’t speak for all apartments and rooms (there’s a lot of variation with this type of lodging), when it comes to hostels, most offer extra services geared towards these types of people:

  • Kitchens to cook your own food, as well as free staples (pasta, coffee, etc.)
  • Travel resources like job boards, event guides and more
  • Daily cleaning keeps your lodgings clean while you’re out and about
  • Activities and tours to familiarise you with the area

By contrast, many of the extras offered at hotels such as room service or on-site gyms are geared towards a different type of visitor.

Which one’s best for you? It depends on the type of traveller you are.

Call Urban Central for cheap accommodation in Melbourne

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