Just because the Australian Open might be over doesn’t mean that the sports need to come to an end too - quite the opposite, in fact!


The season of summer sports is only beginning - it’s only February and we’re already on track to enjoy some truly spectacular sporting events.

Case in point: the 2019 NRL Harvey Norman All-Stars!

While Melbourne might be AFL territory, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the other codes too.

Sure, it mightn’t be as big as in NSW or Queensland, but we’ve got a pretty sizeable NRL following down here too - if you’re one of them, you won’t want to miss this trans-Tasman showdown.


Affordable accommodation for sports groups

With such a high-profile event, we’re sure to see supporters from all over the place making their way down from New South Wales, Queensland and across the Tasman. You might even be one of them.

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What’s the deal?

  • When: Friday 15 February 2019
  • Where: AAMI Park
  • When: 3:45-onwards

The AFL has its indigenous round, featuring tributes to Indigenous players, special jerseys and a special match to cap it all of.

Not to be outdone, the NRL set up its own tribute to Indigenous sports stars in 2010, throwing in a dash of cross-Transman sporting rivalry to spice things up!

Running on Friday the 15th of February, the 2019 NRL Harvey Norman All-Stars features two back-to-back games between two teams of all-star Indigenous rugby stars and two teams of carefully selected team of Maori players.

We’d say more, but honestly, the NRL itself describes it pretty succinctly:

“A marriage of cultures, history and community on the field for one night only.”

Even if you don’t follow Rugby League closely, national pride is on the line. Not to mention, it promises to be an exciting match-up, and one you won’t want to miss!


4pm: touch rugby

Touch rugby isn’t just the version of rugby you played all the way back in school - it’s also a fully-fledged sport in its own right.

While not as large as traditional rugby league or union, it still has its followers, including its very own World Cup - well worth checking out!


5:10pm: Australian Indigenous Women’s All-Stars vs New Zealand Maori Ferns

Women’s sport has been getting a lot more attention recently (and rightfully so).

And the NRL is no exception.

Kicking off the double-header will be an exciting match that pairs both countries’ top female players against each other in a rematch of the 2017 Women’s Rugby League World Cup final.

That last match-up saw the green and gold reign supreme, winning 23-16 and earning their second World Cup win.

Will the Aussies be able to recreate their previous success? Or is it the Kiwi’s turn? There’s only one way to find out!


8pm: Australian Indigenous Men’s All-Stars vs New Zealand Maori Kiwis

After a brief intermission, the action starts up again, this time with the men’s teams going head-to-head.

Unlike most other competitions where team selection is left to coaches, in this case the All-Stars team will be selected by public vote, with voters able to nominate their favourite players of Indigenous descent.

Unlike women’s rugby, the men’s team hasn’t had quite as much luck, with the All-Blacks dominating over the Wallabies - hopefully this one will turn out differently.


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