Melbourne and world-class sport: name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

Kicking off Melbourne’s packed sports calendar in 2019 is the Australian Open.

Between the 14th of January through to the 27th, some of the biggest names in tennis make their way down to Melbourne.

 Australian Open accommodation

The 2019 Australian Open

In the world of tennis, there are four cities that stand above the rest:

  • London
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Melbourne

What makes them stand out is that each plays host to a Grand Slam tournament, the highest level of tennis. Make no mistake, Melbourne is truly part of a highly selective group!

And as one of the most high-profile tournaments in world tennis, there’s a lot of speculation and hype leading up to the first match of the 2019 Australian Open!

If there’s one word to summarise this year’s tournament, it’s this: “unpredictable”.

Let’s start with men’s tennis. While people have been predicting the end of the “golden generation” for years, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic keep holding on.

That said, there’s a new cohort of fresh-faced young players making waves overseas. All of this makes it hard to pick a definite winner - who knows, maybe this is the year?

While queen of the court Serena Williams is back in the game now, she’s coming off a year off. Combine that with stiff resistance from defending champ Carolina Wozniacki and current no.1 seed Simona Halep and it’s anyone’s game.

While we can’t predict a winner, if there’s one thing we can predict, it's that just like every other year, the 2019 tournament promises plenty of world-class tennis, thrilling matches, and on-court drama!


Coming down to see the Australian Open? Why you should choose a hostel in Melbourne

The Australian Open is one of the biggest events in world tennis. It attracts the world’s most elite tennis players.

And with them come viewers and fans from all over the place!

Whether you’re coming down from rural Victoria, interstate or even overseas, you’ll need to plan accommodation.

If you ask us, a hostel is the best option - especially for sports groups.

Why’s that?

Hostels are cheap

Accommodation: easily the most expensive part of your stay at Melbourne.

And with Melbourne being one of the most expensive cities in the world, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your accommodation budget!

Thankfully, staying in Melbourne doesn’t have to break the bank.

Urban Central also offers a wide range of accommodation options, from shared dorms to private rooms with amenities usually reserved for hotels.

Best of all, each of these rooms are offered at great prices!

We have the space

If you’re travelling is part of a sports group, then you’ll know how hard it is to find a place where your entire crew can stay together.

Booking multiple hotel rooms can be expensive, while finding an Airbnb in the city big enough to host your group is a challenge. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourselves split over multiple locations.

With a hostel, you and your crew of supporters can all stay at the same place. Our hostel in Melbourne has plenty of beds, meaning you won’t need to worry about being split up.

Meet fellow-minded tennis fans

During major sporting events, we often see our Melbourne hostel filling up with sports fans from around the world.

Unlike hotel life, hostel living is communal by nature.

For sports fans, that means you’ll have the opportunity to connect with tennis fans from all over the place. Who knows, you might even make lifelong friendships with fellow attendees at your hostel!

 Hostel Melbourne for tennis

Choose Urban Central for affordable accommodation in Melbourne!

Looking for affordable accommodation in Melbourne for the Australian Open?

If so, you can’t go past Urban Central!

Our hostel in Melbourne has space for your sports group. We’re close to Melbourne’s public transport hubs, making getting to the tennis a breeze. Finally, we make staying in Melbourne actually affordable!

With the tennis starting so soon though, you’ll want to make sure you get your foot in the door - click here to book your room!