You’ve lived in Melbourne for years, even decades. But have you ever tried exploring it as if it’s your first time there, and not as a local?

You might be surprised by what you might uncover, and the things you might not have known about your home city!

Splurging on a holiday overseas is expensive. And you mightn’t have the time to take a trip out-of-state or to regional areas.

Here’s an idea for a budget-friendly holiday: why not explore Melbourne with a new set of eyes?

Not only is it an affordable adventure, but it can also give you a completely different perspective on how you see and imagine Melbourne!

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Why explore Melbourne?

It’s simple: once you start exploring on your own, you’ll look at Melbourne through completely new eyes!

You’ll find yourself taking roads and corners you’ve never taken before. You might even get lost and stumble into a new neighbourhood altogether.

For example, you might not have known that the upper levels of the facade at Flinders Street Station actually hosted offices and shops at one point. You might even have missed the basement-level stores which are still open!

We become so absorbed by routine that we miss these kinds of little details. Being a tourist in your own city can give you a completely new perspective on where you live. Everything feels exciting and new again.


Start with Melbourne’s tourist hotspots

Let’s start with the big-ticket attractions.

As a Melburnian, chances are you walk by many of Melbourne’s landmarks and attractions on a fairly regular basis. However, you don’t often get to visit them as part of your daily routine!

Has it been a while since the last time you found yourself relaxing by the banks of the Yarra?

And all of those river cruises that come and go every single day - have you ever been on one yourself?

When was the last time you checked out the exhibits going on at the National Gallery of Victoria?

You might recommend these experiences to new visitors. But if you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out yourself, take this as an opportunity to catch up.


Explore new foodie frontiers

Melbourne has a reputation for being a bit of a foodie city.

Hole-in-the-wall cafes, authentic pubs, exotic cuisines from around the world… there’s something for everyone.

The only problem is that we’re so spoilt for choice!

While exploring the city, why not explore your palate too? You might be surprised at the different restaurants, bars and cafes you might find tucked away in Melbourne’s countless laneways and alleys.

Who knows, you could even find a new favourite.

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Learn more about Melbourne’s history and heritage

While it isn’t the oldest country, it doesn’t mean Australia’s cities are completely without history!

You might pass that building, statue or piece of public art every day. But do you know the story behind it, or even the name?

Just like in any city, history and heritage is everywhere - you just need to find it.

If you’re a bit of a history geek, take a moment to learn the story behind Melbourne’s landmarks. Keep Wikipedia open, just in case you see something of interest - you might be surprised by some of the things you might learn.

For example, did you know that there used to be a completely separate train station from Flinders Street where ACMI now stands?

Or that the Royal Exhibition Building next to the Melbourne Museum hosted the inaugural session of Parliament all the way back in 1901?

And speaking of museums, we haven’t even gotten started on that yet! In addition to Melbourne Museum, there are also plenty of smaller museums dedicated to recording niche parts of Melbourne’s history.

For example, if you’re a fan of true crime stories, Old Melbourne Gaol has plenty to offer!


Make it authentic with Urban Central’s Melbourne hostel

If you’re committed to the idea of exploring your city as a tourist, you’ll need a place to stay.

While this step is optional, it really completes the feeling of being a tourist in your own city.

Not to mention, it can double as a nice getaway from your regular routine!

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