For many people, the image of hostel living is still firmly tied to the 1970s, when hostels were cramped, offered poor living conditions and generally weren’t a pleasant place to stay.

Fortunately, rapid progress has been made since then, with some hostels even competing on even terms with hotels for comfort and cleanliness.

There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to choosing the right Melbourne hostel for your upcoming holiday. Let Urban Central help you out!

Backpacker Melbourne

Choose a clean, friendly, and lively hostel

In many cases, hostel living can be just as clean as staying in a hotel… without the price tag!

While there are certainly budget hostels here and there, the majority of hostels are committed to ensuring that all of their guests receive a high level of comfort. That means plenty of space and thorough cleaning services.

At Urban Central, we put a huge emphasis on space and comfort. Our staff monitor our rooms, bathrooms and common areas thoroughly to make sure they’re up to scratch.

We also understand that while you love the close quarters living that come with hostel life, there’s such a thing as too close!

Our standard rooms go up to four beds per room, and no higher. This guarantees each guest has plenty of space. Each room comes standard with lockers as well, so everyone has a safe place to leave their valuables.

And if you feel like something a little bit fancier, we even offer private rooms.

Some of our rooms even come with king-sized beds, private bathrooms and TVs, giving you all the benefits of hotel living!

Hostel in Melbourne

Choose a hostel that welcomes all guests, not only backpackers!

Hostels provide affordable accommodation for everyone!

The first thing that many people think of when they think hostels is backpackers boarding together during their Aussie adventure.

And while hostel living remains a favourite of backpackers for a number of reasons, it’s not exclusive!

Despite the emergence of services like Airbnb, hostels remain a popular choice. And it’s not hard to see why! Hostels are:

  • The affordable option
  • More social than hotels
  • A more authentic way to travel

These qualities make hostels the perfect choice for people travelling in large groups, where hotels can be prohibitively expensive and finding enough Airbnbs close together can be a challenge.

At Urban Central, we welcome anybody looking for affordable accommodation in Melbourne. We open our doors to groups such as:

  • Sports groups: whether you’re part of a sports team competing in Melbourne, or need somewhere for you and your fellow supporters to stay, hostels are a great choice
  •  School groups: hostels are an affordable option for excursions and camps, especially for rural schools making their way to Melbourne
  • Bucks/hens parties: need somewhere safe to rest your head after a night on the town? Our Melbourne hostel is the perfect place to crash at the end of a long night!


Choose a hostel that’s perfected the balance between “party” and “chill-out”

We’re not going to lie: many hostels are “party hostels”.

From pub crawls, to even featuring their own bars, many hostels sell themselves as never-ending party hubs.

Not all hostels are, however!

While we have our very own bar at Urban Central, we’re not a full-on “party” hostel! We understand that many of our guests want nothing more than to just get a good night’s rest.

That’s why the party is limited to our bar, which is open until 1am, and we try to keep the party low-key elsewhere.

Our hostel, and bar, prides itself on its unique lounge atmosphere; a place to enjoy a couple of drinks and a game of pool with (old and new) friends!

Our Melbourne hostel also offers a range of less rambunctious activities for you to enjoy:

  • Walking tours of Melbourne
  •  Rap jumping for more adventurous guests
  • Trivia and other activities

Check the chalkboard in the lobby for daily activities!

Hostel bar

Choose a safe hostel

One of the big draws of hostel living is the social aspect. However, that comes with its own downsides - for instance, what happens to all the things you leave in your room while you’re gone?

Fortunately, most hostels (ours included) offer visitors staying in shared dormitories personal lockers to leave their stuff.

These are available in each of the rooms at our Melbourne hostel, from the basic 4-bedroom dorms to our family rooms. They even have power points inside, so you can safely charge your phone overnight!


Choose a Melbourne hostel that delivers on comfort, friendliness, and affordability!

Planning a trip to Melbourne soon?

Are you an overseas visitor travelling Australia, and Melbourne’s next on the list?

Are you a school organising an upcoming excursion or sports tournament?

Are you and your mates planning an epic night our for a Hens or Bachelor party?

No matter where you’re from or what you’re doing in Melbourne, Urban Central welcomes all guests with open arms.

Our Melbourne hostel is located in the sought-after area of Southbank, steps from public transport and minutes from our CBD.

Got a question? Feel free to give us a call on 1800 631 288 or send us a message via Facebook.

Ready to book? Book online using our handy online portal.