When many people elect to stay in hostels, their first thoughts immediately go towards one thing: money.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, hosted living is cheaper than staying in a hotel. It’s even more affordable than booking an Airbnb!

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But it’s important to remember that price isn’t everything when it comes to choosing a hostel.

While hostel life is all about the people, staying in a place that knows a traveller’s needs and caters to them is always going to enhance the travel experience.

Experienced backpackers know what to look out for immediately. But for the less knowledgeable travellers among us, how are you supposed to know when you’re at a good hostel?


Does your hostel help organise activities and trips?

One of the highlights of hostel life is the people you meet along the way. Fellow backpackers, gap year holidaymakers, veteran travellers… the list goes on.

In our experience, the really good hostels don’t just have common areas for guests to mingle - they’ll also have great staff to help you plan your days!

Choose a hostel that organises activities like walking tours, bar crawls and even a good old-fashioned Aussie barbeque.

Not only does this bring people together, but they also give you an opportunity to explore and familiarise yourself with your new city.

Just inside reception you’ll find the Urban Travel Centre - here, our friendly team can help you organise any sort of activity or day trips across Melbourne and Victoria. We also offer rap jumping (a hybrid of abseiling and rappelling) as well!

And while we’re on the topic of socialising...


Does your hostel have a bar and common areas?

A bar mightn’t be a deal breaker, but it’s a wonderful opportunity for travellers to socialise and connect with other guests.

If a hostel has its own bar (like Urban Central’s very own Bar 334, you can be pretty confident it places a strong emphasis on ensuring all of its guests are connecting with one another.

And if it doesn’t have a bar, it should at least have pretty sizeable common areas like outdoor lounges and shared dining rooms.

The best hostels even kit out their common areas with luxuries like pool tables, TVs and bookshelves for guests to bond over.

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Does your hostel have laundry facilities?

You never realise how much you miss your home until you stay somewhere else.

Case in point: laundry. Sure, it’s boring. But when you’re travelling, it’s essential.

A hostel with laundry facilities can make a world of difference.

While it’s possible to find a local coin-operated laundromat, the simple convenience of laundry facilities within your hostel will save you time and effort.

Not to mention, it allows you to spend less time washing and more time exploring your current city!


Does your hotel offer 24/7 staffing and reception?

Many hostels aren’t staffed 24/7 in order to bring costs down, but we understand the importance of not only safety, but convenience - no matter what time your plane lands or you hop out of the Uber, you’re guaranteed to be welcomed by a friendly face!

In our opinion, you should always favour a hostel that has 24-hour staffing.

Not only is help available in emergencies, but it makes things loads easier if you come back late or need to check out in the wee hours of morning.


Need a hostel in Melbourne that ticks all the boxes?

Book a room with Urban Central!

Unlike hotel chains that build hotels with identical amenities and features, hostels tend to be locally-owned businesses, each with their own unique services and quirks.

While on the one hand that means that each one is unique, it also means that oftentimes, you won’t know what you’re getting in terms of services and extras until you walk through the main entrance!

If you’re looking for a hostel in Melbourne that ticks all the boxes, you can’t go past Urban Central.

Our prime location only minutes away from major public transport hubs makes seeing the sights and sounds of Melbourne a walk in the park!

Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, be sure to drop by! Book a room today using our secure online portal. See you in Melbourne!