Calling all foodies! Come down to the Night Noodle Markets at Birrarung Marr this November to experience the rich and diverse flavours of Asia.


Back again for another delicious three weeks, the Night Noodle Markets give you a taste of all the wonderful culinary delights that Asian region has to offer. Originally part of The Age Good Food Month, Night Noodle Markets is now a standalone event (and Good Food Month will now take place in June 2018).


Night Noodle Markets Birrarung Marr




With cuisines from every corner of Asia prepared by some of Melbourne’s finest establishments, this hawker-styled food market combines the sights, smells and sounds of the bustling street food markets that characterise Asian cities with the cosy, relaxed atmosphere of Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr.


Mark your calendars for the Night Noodle Markets!

Running from the 9th-26th November, the Night Noodle Markets is a real treat not just for the taste buds, but your nose, ears and eyes too! Transport yourself to a bustling food market and join thousands in celebrating Melbourne’s cultural diversity.

If you’re coming from out of town and curious what all the fuss is about, this is one experience you shouldn’t miss – while there are many sights to check out in Melbourne, it never hurts to add another item to that itinerary!  

Make sure to mark down these dates and treat yourself to the over 30 hawker-style stalls.  Come early if you can; take note of the opening hours:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays 5pm-9pm
  • Wednesdays Thursdays 5pm-10pm
  • Fridays 5pm-11pm
  • Saturdays 4pm-10pm
  • Sundays 4pm-9pm

Flavours of Asia

Whether you’re a self-confessed foodie or someone looking to satisfy a craving, there are plenty of food choices available to choose from.

The great thing about the Night Noodle Markets is that during its 18-day run, you will have an endless array of the best Asian street food flavours right in front of you. With so many stalls each bringing their own unique flavours to bear, it can be difficult deciding just where to begin.

To get you started, here are some of our favourites from the last year’s Night Noodle Markets!


If you’re craving Chinese, you can’t go past the steamed buns from Wonderbao! Succulent, soft buns served hot and filled with everything from tangy roast pork to chunky red bean paste

Hoy Pinoy

Taste the flavours of the Philippines with Hoy Pinoy’s “Inihaw na manok” chicken skewers. Try pairing it with rice - you’ll be lining up for seconds!

Beer the Beautiful Truth

For the over-18s, head over to the Beer the Beautiful Truth night terrace for their beer-matching sessions. Discover what type of beers go with the different food on offer.

Gelato Messina  

Cap off your culinary adventure with something sweet! Gelato Messina will be offering four exclusive desserts including - are you ready for this - deep-fried ice cream sandwich!  

If you’re looking to score food from some of Melbourne’s fave spots like Hochi Mama, Mr Miyagi and Bambu, come to the Night Noodle Market! Enjoy all these amazing foods with your friends in this open-air street food extravaganza.


Night Noodle Markets


More than just food

For the little ones, the Noodle Night Market also has live DJs, music and family-friendly activities such as face painting. Unroll a picnic blanket and soak in the atmosphere with the entire family.

You can even bring the family dog (provided that they’re on a leash, of course!)


In search for the perfect place to stay in Melbourne for the Noodle Night Market?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when all the roads lead to the Noodle Night Market, you can be confident it’s an event worth adding to your itinerary!

If you’ll pardon the egregious mishmash of phrases, you’ll find that the Noodle Night Market’s reputation is very well deserved whether you’re a fan of noodles or just passing by.

Melbourne isn’t just a city of fantastic sights and attractions, after all – Melbourne is proud to show off its events and culture. There’s a reason we’re called the cultural capital of Australia!

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