While we all barrack for different footy teams, there’s nothing that unites Melbourne more than our reputation as the world's most livable city (that, and a lifelong rivalry with Sydney!)

And if your definition of “living” means going out and having a good time, Melbourne definitely lives up to its title. This week, our Melbourne hostel shares some of the best restaurants and bars that line Southbank.

Melbourne hostel Southbank


In days past, choosing a place to stay during your travels was simple. Do you prefer to be pampered and don’t mind paying extra? Book a hotel. If you’re on a tight budget, choose a hostel - simple as that!

 Cheap accommodation Melbourne


For most visitors to Melbourne, public transport is the first port of call. How does Melbourne’s public transport system hold up, and which method is best for you and your travel plans?

Planning a trip to a new city takes a lot of hard work. From accommodation and flights to tickets, activities, and what to pack, it’s almost a journey in itself!

Melbourne public transport - train and tram


Australia is known for having some of the world’s best beaches.

Best beaches in Melbourne