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Jobs in Melbourne

A Backpacker’s Guide to Employment

As a backpacker travelling around Australia money can often be a little tight – even if you are staying in a budget hostel, making your own food, cooking our free rice and pasta and taking advantage of happy hour in the bar. One option is to get a job while you travel. And yes, we are indeed talking about becoming a Working Holiday maker! View Melbourne job board

Working Holiday Visa

Firstly, you have to make sure you are eligible to work in Australia. Australia offers Working Holiday visas to 18-30 year old people who wish to have their first extended holiday in Australia and work to help fund their trip.
Find more information on the Australian Immigration’s website

Travel and Health Insurance

You should have travel insurance when coming to Australia and medical insurance is strongly recommended by Australian Immigration when you are on a Working Holiday visa.

The Australian Government has signed a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with the governments of the 11 countries which covers the cost of medically necessary care whilst in Australia.
View countries included in health care agreement

If you need health insurance whilst you’re in Australia, BUPA may be able to help you out.
Read more about it here and get a quote:

Bank Account

The biggest banks in Australia are:
ING (Online bank)

To open a bank account you need your passport and proof of address. Urban Central can provide you with the address letter.

Tax File Number

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique nine-digit number issued to individuals which allows you to work and pay taxes! There are a number of situations where you will be asked to provide your TFN, such as when you start work or change jobs.
In order to get a TFN you will need your passport and an Australian postal address.
Find more information on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website

Tax Return

You are also able to apply for a tax return when you’re on a Working Holiday Visa.
Apply online (E-tax)

A Guide for Young Workers

There are of course certain rights and entitlements you have in Australia while working. You also have responsibilities in Australia as an employee.
View handy information for young workers

Typical Backpacker Jobs

There are of course a number of different jobs a backpacker can get in Australia. However, there are some typical backpacker jobs out there:
•  Hospitality – If you are working with alcohol you must apply for a RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol)
•  Retail
•  Fruit picking
•  Labouring – Apply for your White Card (Construction Induction Training – legal requirement) prior to applying

Within these industries companies are often actively looking for backpackers to hire, so keep your eyes open!

Job Search Databases

Below we have listed the most general job search databases in Australia. Have a browse through them and see if you find something interesting!
Australian Job Search
Work and Holiday Jobs 
Fruit Picking Jobs
Farm Work


Gumtree is the biggest website in Australia for local community classifieds including jobs, stuff for sale, cars, flat share, flat rentals in Australia. An extremely handy website for all backpackers.
Visit Gumtree website

Backpacker Job Board

On the Backpacker Job Board you can find listed jobs for backpackers in Melbourne, or somewhere else in Australia for that matter. The page also has an interesting blog for backpackers traveling in Australia.

Write a Resume

Ensure your resume is simple to read and has the most important information you’d like to share with your future employer in order to secure a job (2 – 3 pages maximum).
Visit CareerOne website for further advice on what to include in your resume

Dress Code

Deciding what to wear for an interview can be quite difficult. Leave your beach wear and ripped jeans in your suitcase and dress to impress. Clean and tidy is the way to go, make sure you wear closed toed shoes as well.

Be Contactable

Australian mobile number is an essential part of life Downunder. Most companies give away free SIM cards when you sign up to a prepaid or postpaid plan.
See reception for your free Vodafone starter pack